Fresno marketing firm

Fresno Marketing Firm

Novi Internet & Print Marketing Services is a complete marketing firm in Fresno, with over 30 years of PR, Sales/Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design, Print Media and over 20 years of designing, developing & marketing websites and other Internet Technology.

Our Fresno marketing firm can prepare a marketing plan for your business complete with branding, print materials, website and email campaigns, as well as place media ads such as radio spots and display advertisements in publications.

If you are focusing on presenting yourself in a high-class manner with utmost professionalism, then you should also be focusing on marketing in the same manner. Your marketing materials are your identity.

If you have a business in Fresno and need a new image, a re-design, be it on the web or in print materials please consider the professional services of our marketing company and give us a call at 559-676-9345 to make an appointment. A free 30-minute consultation and evaluation of your materials is provided at this appointment.

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